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Server vault permissions

User Roles

  • User roles – Displays System Roles and user licensing
  • Vault Roles – Any Special Permissions for users at the Vault level


User permissions

  • Tables a user’s effective permission for classes taking into account User, User Groups and NamedACL  permissions
  • Simple Graphic display of user’s read and edit permissions for classes and properties
  • Get User’s, User Group and Nacl membership and permissions.


Duplicate Files

  • Returns list of duplicate documents in the vault. This is achieved by comparing the content of the files not the names.

Vault Data Analysis

  • Object Count
  • Class Count – count of objects in each class
  • Deleted Object Count

Property Def Operations

  • Orphaned Properties – Properties not associated with any class
  • Property Def Relations – what classes does a property belong to.

Report Generation

  • Ability to generate and display an excel report from within the tool (does not require excel to be installed on the server)
  • Sample Spreadsheet Download .


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